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Terms & Conditions


Service and Data

  • The iPod Repair Centre accepts no responsibility for any files or content loss from your iPod as a result of undertaking repair or investgation - this is at your own risk. We advise that you ensure that you have copies of the files and content before sending your iPod for repair.
  • As a part of our investigation/repair process it may be that we need to restore your iPod to factory settings which will wipe all content from the iPod and load test content to the iPod.
  • If we cannot repair your iPod or you choose to have your iPod returned unpaired then we only charge €10.00 to cover the return special delivery.
  • iPodRepairCentre are insured up to €200.00, for the delivery of the iPod. We DO NOT accept any responsibility or liability for anything in transit to iPodRepairCentre and it is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that the iPod is securely packaged and insured up to its full value.
  • We will return iPods only to the address input on the form that was sent with the iPod, unless otherwise requested.

  • A parts and labour warranty is offered on all repairs, if a part we have used is found to be defective. We do not cover accidental damage or water damage.
  • iPod's which have been delivered to us, whether a repair has been undertaken or not, will be held for a period of 3 months from the date of receipt. After this we will consider the iPod to be abandoned and we will dispose of it and we will not be responsible for the content.
  • We can provide addiitonal information if you contact us.